I understand how hard it is at times to think about selling your home. No matter how long you have lived in a house and no matter what the circumstances are, thinking about selling can be hard. All the work of sorting things, packing up what you want to take and getting rid of the things you don’t want to take with you. wow. That is hard for anyone. Under stressful situations it can be exhausting.

I Have Been Through The Moving Process Also

My wife and I have been there… on three different occasions. One was very stressful as we needed to quickly sell out home at a time when mortgage rates were more than three times what they are today.

In 2022 we did our most recent move from Minnesota to Tennessee. This time is was easier because we wanted to make the move to get closer to family… and most of our grandchildren. But is was hard work. And we are glad to be here in Columbia, Tennessee with family.

I Am Here To Help You

I want to help you in the process of thinking over your options. After I learn about your home, your reason for wanting or needing to sell I will share my honest opinion with you. I will let you know if using a realtor is the best way to sell your home or maybe you want to try and sell it yourself.

I will review what you share with me and, if you want to know what my cash offer would be, I will tell you. But before I can do that I will need some details about your home. To get started, I need you to complete this form below.

I will take this information and use my resources to look into the background on your property. Once I have done that, I will contact you via phone or email. If your home fits my criteria I will schedule a short visit with you at your home.

So let’s get started. Please complete the form below.

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If You Would Rather Not Provide Your Address Information Online…

I understand that you might not want to complete this form with your home address online, I get it. How about you simply schedule a short phone call with me in person? Then we can talk about why you may be thinking of selling your home. I can provide my input and share with you how I may or may not be able to help you.

Below is a link to my online calendar. You can select a day and time that work for you. Let’s talk over what your needs are.