Who Is Henry and
How Can He Help Us?

Henry Griner

In 2022 my wife Leslie and I moved to Tennessee from Minnesota to be closer to our daughter’s family which includes 5 of our grandchildren.

Our goal was to find a property where we could have two homes, one for them and their growing family and a smaller home for just the two of us. We found it harder than we thought it would be to find the right place where we all wanted to live in Middle Tennessee close to the Spring Hill, Franklin and Columbia areas.

Our search took us out looking at homes and land. Some homes were real “fixer-uppers” and would still not be what we wanted even after lots of work. However, some of them could be great homes for others after upgrading.

Our searching has led me to a great idea. Why not get involved in buying and upgrading those kinds of houses and make them great places for others while we look for our new home.

In early 2024 I started my Real Estate Investment business as a way to help solve problems for others. I am building my team by partnering with some of the Top Home Remodeling Contractors in Middle Tennessee.

ALL the expenses of agent fees, major upgrading, cleaning, closing fees… everything connected with selling your home is on me. If you have acquired more “stuff” than you know what to do with, no problem. We will bring in a roll-off dumpster and clean it out.   You get the cash and walkaway.

We sold our home in Minnesota after living there for 32 years because we wanted to be closer to the grand kids. May be you want to move closer to your children and/or grandchildren, too.

Elk River Home

Perhaps your reason for wanting or needing to sell your home is not as joyful as our reason.
It could be that you need to sell your parent’s home because they are no longer able to live there by themselves.
If your home or parent’s home, that you are wanting to sell, is out of date for the style of homes that people are looking to buy these days, or it is in need of major repairs please contact me today!

“Henry Buys Houses in Tennessee” is a locally owned Real Estate Investment company serving the Middle Tennessee areas including the cities of Columbia, Spring Hill, Franklin, Chapel Hill, Lawrenceburg, Mt. Pleasant, Dickson and Lewisburg.